Hawaiian Escapade

A Novel

by Gerald Lee Gibson

Gerald Lee Gibson retired from technical writing to devote his time to writing books. He received an MA in social science and a BA in history and anthropology from California State University, Fullerton. In addition to having a loving wife and three children, he is a grandfather of seven, whose family inspired him to begin his odyssey with the printed word.

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        Hawaiian Escapade is based upon a true story.  When I was a senior in high school and had turned eighteen years old I joined the Naval Air Reserve.  Soon afterwards, during recruit class at our weekly meetings, I was talked into going on an unscheduled flight to Barber’s Point in Oahu.  With Homeland Security today, this would have been impossible.  In fact, not long after our caper, the navy cracked down on misusing navy personnel transports.  I waited this long to write for two reasons: (1) many people didn’t believe my story; and (2) what we did was against the law.  Though I was ignorant of much of the technicalities, my cohort wasn’t.  He manufactured an elaborate story and, using contacts (persons who knew his World War II hero father), he was able to get us on two separate flights in order to reach the naval air base at Barber’s Point.  The principal characters in the book are Noel Bridger (myself) and Bernie Suarez (also a fictional name.)  Though the other characters in the novel were also real life persons, their names are fictionalized too.