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Rifkin's Ballad


Marching gallant through galaxies,

                                        defying the scientists’ call.

                              With the purpose of changing history,

                                        the Old One’s conquered all.


                              Duty became recreation

                                        in that warlike, carefree age.

                              The sport of annihilation

                                        was played on a cosmic stage.


                              Death to Furzi, Rimmi and Modrit

                                        for testing Revekian clout.

                              Because these planets refused to quit,

                                        the Old Ones wiped them out.


     The Old Ones sit in dark, damp caves

                                        their lives a frightful bore.

                              As penitents now they must behave, 

                              banished forever more.


     On distant Lorg they while away;

                                        such exile have they earned.

                              Yet during the Age of discovery,

                                        the Old Ones spirit burns.



                                                         ~ Gerald Lee Gibson



Chapter One/Contents/Index