Kingdom of the Cats

A Novel

by Gerald Lee Gibson

Gerald Lee Gibson, a graduate and post-graduate from California State University Fullerton, lives with his wife and cats in Fort Worth, Texas. As a father of three children and a grandfather of six, he has retired from technical writing and government work, and now balances his time between his family, cats and freelance writing.

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This book is dedicated to my wife Donna, Daughters Jennifer and Kerri, Son Matthew,              Grandchildren, and the inspiration of all my cats.

(This book has been edited and reissued in HTML format)

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Kingdom of the Cats is a variation upon an old theme. India Crowley, an eccentric young woman has pretended to be a witch for years and is the butt of jokes in the apartment complex in which she lives. Suddenly, one Halloween night, against the advice from her friends, she crosses the line between make-believe and serious witchcraft. After suffering ridicule from the tenets at Shadow Brook Arms, India manages to invoke the dark forces and castes a spell upon her antagonists, turning twelve young men and women into cats. Naturally, all twelve cats, who communicate by telepathy, reflect their human personalities, ranging over several breeds of cats, but time begins to run out collectively for them as they search for a counter spell. A preacher, a defrocked priest, a would-be sorcerer and a “white witch” work together to find a cure before the felines lose their humanity entirely and mentally become one hundred percent cats.

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