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Children of the Night

Chapter One

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Chapter Two

Circle of Lights

Chapter Three

Witches' Bane

Chapter Four

Children of the Night

Chapter Five

India's List

Chapter Six

Missing Persons

Chapter Seven

Sam's Place

Chapter Eight

Feline Retribution

Chapter Nine

Buck's Gang

Chapter Ten

The Old Woman's Zoo

Chapter Eleven

The Witch Must Die!

Chapter Twelve

Mimjet and Francine

Chapter Thirteen

Darkened Habitats                                                   

Chapter Fourteen

Irma and the Preacher

Chapter Fifteen

The Sorcerer

Chapter Sixteen

Mortimer, the Priest

Chapter Seventeen

The Spell Reversal Team

Chapter Eighteen

The First Attempt

Chapter Nineteen

The Search for Madelyn Fontaine

Chapter Twenty

The Great White Witch

Chapter Twenty-One

Back to Shadow Brook Arms

Chapter Twenty-Two

A Gathering of Cats

Chapter Twenty-Three

The Second Attempt

Chapter Twenty-Four

Lilith: Mother of Witches

Chapter Twenty-Five

A New Beginning


One Year Later

Twelve Bewitched Cats


India Chasing Irma


Poem with Cats


Cats and City Skyline




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