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Glossary of Revekian Terms and Concepts


Irignian Creatures




Revekian nickname for Tyrannosaurus Rex, king of the meateating dinosaurs.




Revekian name for anatosaurus (duckbill), a herbivorous dinosaur, the females of which care for their young.




The Revekian nickname for Triceratops, a ten ton herbivorous dinosaur, who roamed the meadows like the contemporary buffalo of the plains.




Revekian nickname for a peculiar relative of the duckbill, with thick bony crest on its head.




Revekian nickname for Alamosaurus the giant longnecked sauropod of the Late Cretaceous, who resembled the Brachiosaur of the Late Jurassic Age.




Dromaeosaurs (close relative of the velociraptors of Mongolia), spiketoed predators who were the main threat to the Revekians on Irignum.




Revekian nickname for a relative of spinosaurus, a mysteriously built sailback predator, who ambushed its prey.




Revekian nickname ankylosaurus, a large armored dinosaur with a club on its tail.




Revekian’s generic name for Irginum’s flying creatures, chief of which was the giant Pteranodon Quetzacoatlus who had a 40 foot wingspan.




Revekian term for all creatures crawling on their bellies


Fuzzy Ones        


Revekians general description of early mammals


Feathered Ones                      


Revekians general description of early birds.


Alien Creatures




Longnecked and longlegged kangaroo-sized herbivore specimens from Beskol (main ingredient in samgar stew.)




Willowy turkey sized herbivore specimens form Beskol, also supplementing Revkian diet.




Specimens from Beskol’s ocean resembling a sea urchin, eaten as Revekian dish.




Relatively brainless creature of Beskol resembling a hubrid.




Elusive creatures of  Beskol, who, as ambushers, hunt in pares.  Rifkin confronted two juvenile sailbacks during his ordeal in the forest that reminded him of zabbas. 




Giant multilegged herbivore specimens from Raethia resembling centipedes, eaten regularly at Revekian feasts.




Strange creatures of Raethia, whose mouth opened where it stomach should be.




A small creature of Raethia who inexplicably incinerate themselves when seeing fire.


Giant Sand Bug


Huge subterranean creature of Orm resembling the earth’s trilobite.


Desert Flyer


Flying creatures, similar to birds and pteradactyls, on Orm.




Crablike creature, with a painful sting, inhabiting the desert regions of Orm




A domesticated pet of Revekia (professor’s childhood pet).


Darters and Skippers 


Small flying and flittering predators living on a few islands on Tomol.


The Revekian Exploration Vessel

The Ship 

The Revekian Exploration Ship, which resembles the ancient trilobite, would dwarf any conceivable star ship of literature.  The actual definition of the concept “ship” in Ilderan, however, is limited to that portion of the Revekian vessel (communication center, laboratories, infirmary, ship’s stores, and propulsion of the ship) controlled by the ship’s commander.


The Ark   


The name of the vessel, which in Ilderan is “Vurdun.” (literally containment or enclosure).  The actual ark, as a sector of the vessel, is limited to that portion of the ship containing the specimens collected on the home planet and other worlds as directed by Doctor Arkru, the science officer aboard ship.


The Bridge   


The control deck of the vessel where the commander (Falon), navigator (Orix) and helmsmen run the affairs of the ship.  The Bridge includes the basic exploration ship control center (helm, navigational panel, thruster speed, directional finder, protective shield, ship’s communications panel, and antigravity controls).


Engine Room    


The propulsion system (thrusters) and generator of electricity and general power for the vessel, directed by Chief Engineer Dazl.  (Located adjacent to the decontamination chamber and main ramp.)


Communication Room


Where the ship’s vast computer and communication controls are located,   (Controlled by one the ship’s chief officer, Communication Officer Abwur.)


The Dining Hall


The eating quarters, including the galley or kitchen for the ship, ran by Chef Wurbl and his assistant Imyor.



Recreation and Exercise Room


Located across the corridor from the Dining Room for the ship’s company’s leisure and to work off excess weight from Wurbl’s rich food.


Officer's Country


Where the commander, professor and the commander’s officers live.  Within Officer’s Country are located the living quarters, conference rooms, library, and officers’ special recreation room.


Crew’s Quarters


The largest living quarters aboard the vessel: the crew’s quarters, library, and special recreation compartment.


Student and Technician’s Quarters


Located in these compartments are the student and technician quarters, their classrooms, library, and special recreation room.


Ship’s Stores


Where the vessel’s supplies and equipment (including the vehicles and equipment for specimen collection) are stored, repaired and distributed to the ship’s company.  The store clerks Hobi, Jitso and Gennep also assist in ship and ark repairs and coordinate maintenance services on the vessel .


Enclosure and Containment Levels (Ark)


Area of the ship (referred also as the ark) where the animals and plants collected are stored in protected environments.  This area is controlled by Doctor Arkru in cooperation with his technicians (Zorig, Urlum, Tobit, and Ibris).  Manpower for enclosure construction and other special projects are drafted from the general crew. 


Decontamination Chamber


Where the crew are suited up before exploration and, upon return, the life support systems, equipment and vehicles (which are stored in Ship’s Stores) are sterilized of alien microbes and then cleansed of toxic cleaning agents.  This area is under the control of the ship’s Doctor Eglin and his assistant Varik.


Aft Ramp             


The ramp on which the aliens disembark to and return from alien worlds, leading into the decontamination chamber.


Landing Stations


Stations where officers, crewmen, technicians, and students buckle up and prepare for takeoff and landing.


Viewing Screens


Screens located on landing stations and on the bridge for viewing scenes outside the ship.


Ship’s Telescope


The scope that Commander Falon and his officers use to scan the cosmos for potential danger and potential collection worlds. 


Sleeping Pods  


Stations used by aliens during prolonged periods of space travel for induced sleep and for normal sleep cycles during exploration and collection on new worlds. 


Levels of the Revekian Ship


Level 1                   


The engine room and, in an adjacent area, the main ramp leading into the decontamination chamber.


Level 2                   


Ship’s Stores (equipment and supplies for crew).


Level 12                


The ship’s scientific laboratories and infirmary. 


Level 13               


The student and technicians quarters.


Level 14               


The crew’s quarters.


Level 15               


The ship’s officers quarters (“Officer’s Country”).


Level 16               


The ship’s dining hall and main recreation and exercise room.


Level 17               


The ship’s computer and communication equipment room.


Level 18               


The ship’s bridge (control center), headquarters of the commander, navigator and helmsmen piloting the ship.


Levels of the Revekian Ark


Level 3                   


The first enclosure area for life forms (amphibianlike creatures and other life forms from Revekia, the home planet.)


Level 4                   


The second enclosure area for life forms from Revekia’s solar system (including larvae of giant sand bugs from Orm and creatures from Furzi, Rimmi and Modrit, planets destroyed by the Old Ones during the Solar Wars).


Level 5       


The third enclosure area, mostly aquariums, for primitive life forms from Tomol (darters and skippers and will-

o’ the wisp creatures from its primeval seas.) 


Level 6                   


The fourth enclosure area for life forms from Beskol (including longnecked and long legged shamgar and sea urchinlike umgi, two of the Revekians’ favorite foods).


Level 7                   


The fifth enclosure area for Raethia’s flora and fauna (including the multilegged daka, also a main course for the Revekians).


Levels 8                


Reserved for enclosures for Irignum and other planets’ life forms.


Collection Equipment for the Ark


Life Support System


A watertight, puncture proof and heat resistant suit, with a protective helmet with feeder tubes connected to removable gas canisters in back, an air conditioning subsystem with a rechargeable battery, and a twoway radio for communication with the ship.  Included in the suit is a Helmet Light and a Fire Starter for emergency use.


Exploration Crawler


Slow moving vehicle, with tanklike tractor technology, for exploration and collection.  The crawler can be switched to amphibious operation and contains a winch for hauling specimens in nets or containers up to the back of the vehicle.


Class 4 Stunner


Based upon laser and atmospheric electron capture technology,  modified for scientific use by Doctor Arkru, for temporarily stunning specimens, but is also, if placed on “kill” frequency a potential weapon against attackers.


Model 7 Cloaking Force Field Trap


Large specimen trap, invented by Doctor Arkru, in which one or more specimens move unawares into an invisible square, triggering the force field beams between four electronically activated poles.




Coming in various sizes to entrap cornered specimens.  Used in conjunction with Darts, which are thrown at a netted specimen until it is tranquilized.


Wrist Communicator


Device for typing data directly into or retrieving data from the ship’s data base, similar to future

wireless laptop technology.


Important Revekian Concepts


Ship’s Company         


Everyone aboard the Revekian Exploration Vessel.  Shipmates are separate members of the ship’s company, regardless of whether they are students, technicians, officers or members of the crew.


Mother Ship      


The main Revekian vessel sent by the Fathers of Science to monitor the scientific missions in the cosmos.


Fathers of Science


Mentioned frequently as the forefathers of the Revekians’ scientific mission and also the new leaders of their home planet after the defeat of the Old Ones.


Old Ones             


Semi-legendary Revekian warriors, who nearly destroyed Revekia’s solar system in a series of wars for conquest.  They were defeated by the Fathers of Science, and many of their officers now serve in the current exploration of space.


Celestial Father


Also called Izmir, which is the Revekian personal name for God.  Associated with the Celestial Spirits, equivalent to earthling angels.


Celestial Lights


Realm inhabited by the Celestial Father and His angels, equivalent to the concept of heaven.


Outer Reaches  


Unknown region similar to the Catholic Purgatory where Revekians, who did not merit heaven, go after death.


Dark Sleep           


Equivalent to hell or permanent death.




Scientific language (similar to use the of Latin) used by Revekian scientists to name specimens, (example irufum  rizolum = leaping killer [tyrannosaurus rex]).


Revekian Planets of Discovery and Conquest




Home planet of the explorers where the Father’s of Science, who sent their explorers out on their mission, rule a doomed world and where the Old Ones launched their own earlier mission of conquest upon the Revekian solar system.




The name given by Doctor Arkru for the planet Earth (Ilderan for “green world”). 




Considered a holy planet by Revekians and an important collection sight for the mission, including the giant sand bug which resembles an ancient arthropod on earth (trilobite).  (See Level 4 of Ark).




Watery world discovered during the Revekians mission to find animate worlds.  (See Level 5 of Ark)




Planet providing abundant specimens (samgar, umgi, vragga, etc) for the Ark and also for the Revekian’s diet.  (See Level 6 of Ark).




Planet providing the multilegged dakas as specimens for the Ark and also for the Revekian diet.  (See Level 7 of Ark).




In Rifkin’s Ballad, the nearly dead planet on which the Old Ones were exiled by the Fathers of Science.




First planet in the Revekian solar system almost destroyed by the Old Ones




Second planet in the Revekian solar system almost destroyed by the Old Ones




Third planet in the Revekian solar system almost destroyed by the Old Ones




Distant world, beyond the Revekian solar system, where refugees from Furzi, Remmi, and Modrit were resettled after their planets where almost destroyed during the Solar Wars. 




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