Alien Odyssey

A Novel

by Gerald Lee Gibson

Gerald Lee Gibson retired from technical writing to devote his time to writing books. He received an MA in social science and a BA in history and anthropology from California State University, Fullerton. In addition to having a loving wife and three children, he is a grandfather of seven, whose family inspired him to begin his odyssey with the printed word.




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The Fathers of Science have sent collectors to gather life forms on distant worlds. From the moment their odyssey begins, it is apparent that collecting dinosaurs will be a staggering enterprise. Earth's air is poisonous to their lungs, and its gravity is too heavy for their fragile bones. They will have to wear life support systems and be on guard constantly on this hostile world. To make matters worse, a volcano spews fire and smoke in the horizon. Competing with this theme are the misadventures of Rifkin, a mischief maker in Doctor Arkru's class. Rifkin's struggle, which includes escaping from a crocodile, giant pterodactyl and a pack of spike-toed raptors, occurs simultaneously with his shipmates efforts to find him before his life support system runs out of air or he is eaten by predators before he reaches the ship. During the search for Rifkin, his shipmates are tested by the volcano, exhaustion and the onslaught of spike-toes at every turn.



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