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The Aliens


The Leaders


Dr Arkru   Chief scientist of the Ark, whose good intention for the student collectors are based upon the

(the Professor)  friendlier worlds of Beskol, Raethia, and Orm.     


Falon        Commander of the vessel, who discovers the new planet, but remains Arkru’s staunchest critic after

landing on the new world.


The Students


Rifkin          Prodigal student, whose reckless personality leads to disaster on the planet.


Zither          Intellectual member of Arkru’s class, whose personal odyssey becomes a central theme.


Rezwit         Kindred spirit of Rifkin, a favorite of the professor, until mayhem breaks in the forest.


Vimml         Fun loving but mischievous follower of Rifkin who creates havoc on and off the ship.


Shizwit       Shy student, who, rising to the crisis, becomes the Key Master of her class.


Alafa           Female Student, the equal to Rifkin, who competes with the leader of her team.


Omrik         Original friend of Zither, whose timid personality, is more suitable on the ship.


Illiakim      Female member of Zither’s team, who is traumatized by the horrors of Irignum.


Lumnal      Youngster who identifies with the big kids, until disaster strikes in the forest.


Yorzl and

Zeppa          Male and female youngsters, who should never been allowed off the ship.


Grummel Member of “Rifkin’s Gang,” who, on the new world, appears to be slightly mad.


The Technicians


Zorig           An efficient assistant to Arkru, who proves to be a great disappointment in the forest.


Urlum         Zorig’s little sister, whose delicate emotions, keeps her grounded on the ship.


Tobit and

Ibris             Young technicians, who never wanted to leave the ship in the first place.


The Officers


Orix              Navigator of the ship and chief critic of the mission, who skepticism rings true.


Remgen      First Mate, a critic of student collection until the search for Rifkin begins. 


Imwep         Second Mate, whose main interest at first is bagging himself a beast.


Kogin          Third Mate, sidekick of Imwep, who befriends Zither at a critical time.


Dazl              Chief Engineer, a crusty officer, who joins the search for Rifkin in the forest.


Abwur         Communications Officer, ship sage and member of Falon’s inner circle.


Dr Eglin    Chaplain and Medic, whose prayers are heard frequently from the bridge.


Members of the Crew


Varik           Assistant Medic, who will make a lasting imprint upon earth.


Wurbl          Portly Chef who supplies the ship’s company with a limitless range of alien meats.


Imyor          Assistant Chef who reluctantly volunteers for the second rescue mission into the forest.


Hobi, Jitso Ship’s Storage Clerks.  Hobi and Jitso will later join at different stages of the search,

& Gennep  but only one will return to the ship 


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