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Part One

The Carpenters of Nazareth

Chapter One

Jesus In Charge

Chapter Two

Sermon in the Garden

Chapter Three

Secret Places

Chapter Four

A Stranger in the House

Chapter Five

The Remaking of Reuben

Chapter Six

Farewell to the Romans

Chapter Seven

The Pagan Shrine

Chapter Eight

The Rabbi’s Son

Chapter Nine

Flight in the Night

Part Two

Home for Castaways

Chapter Ten

The Return of Michael

Chapter Eleven

Thieves in the Night

Chapter Twelve

Return of the Romans

Chapter Thirteen

Family Burdens

Chapter Fourteen

Jesus’ Secret Place

Chapter Fifteen

Idle Hours

Chapter Sixteen

A Walk with Jesus

Chapter Seventeen

Tabitha joins the Family

Chapter Eighteen

The Paddling

Chapter Nineteen

Samuel’s House

Chapter Twenty

Letter from Sepphoris

Chapter Twenty-One

Unlikely Savior

Part Three

Coming of Age

Chapter Twenty-Two


Chapter Twenty-Three

High Expectations

Chapter Twenty-Four

The Readings

Chapter Twenty-Five

Back in the Shop

Chapter Twenty-Six

A Turning Point

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Our Brother, the Good Shepherd

Chapter Twenty-Eight

An Eventful Day

Chapter Twenty-Nine


Chapter Thirty

Back to Samuel’s House

Chapter Thirty-One

Elizabeth Dies and John Runs Away

Chapter Thirty-Two

The Hills of Nazareth

Chapter Thirty-Three

The Years Slip By



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