Table of Contents


Prologue                          History and Legend                                                

Part I                                 The First Miracles                                                  

Chapter One                  Moment of Truth                                                     

Chapter Two                 The Odd Son                                                              

Chapter Three              A Widow’s Secret                                                   

Chapter Four                 Stoning Fever                                                            

Chapter Five                  Jesus, Standing Watch                                          

Chapter Six                    Enemies Outside                                                      

Chapter Seven              A Witch In Hiding                                                   

Chapter Eight               House of Secrets                                                     

Chapter Nine                 Arrival of the Guards                                            

Chapter Ten                  Flight to Jerusalem                                                 

Chapter Eleven            The Problem Child                                                  

Chapter Twelve           Dodging the Truth                                                   

Chapter Thirteen        The Farewell Feast                                                 

Chapter Fourteen        The Journey Begins                                               

Chapter Fifteen            Family Anecdotes                                                    

Chapter Sixteen           Making Peace                                                           

Chapter Seventeen     Another Brother                                                      

Chapter Eighteen        Joachim’s Anger                                                      

Chapter Nineteen        Samuel, the Pharisee                                             

Part II                               The Letters of Jesus                                              

Chapter Twenty           Jesus in Egypt                                                           

Chapter Twenty-One   Jesus in Greece                                                    

Chapter Twenty-Two   Jesus and the Tempest                                     

Chapter Twenty-Three Justin, Imperial Courier                                  

Chapter Twenty-Four   Jesus in Rome                                                      

Chapter Twenty-Five                              Jesus in Gaul                                                             

Chapter Twenty-Six                                Nehemiah                                                                    

Chapter Twenty-Seven                          Simon of Cyrene                                                      

Part III                                                           The Return of Jesus                                               

Chapter Twenty-Eight                            Family Prayers                                                         

Chapter Twenty-Nine                             Business As Usual                                                   

Chapter Thirty                                           Circle of Prayer                                                       

Chapter Thirty-One                                 Regulus’ Roster                                                       

Chapter Thirty-Two                                Journey to Sepphoris                              

Chapter Thirty-Three                             Aunt Elizabeth                                                          

Chapter Thirty-Four                                Cousin John    

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History and Legend

Part I

The First Miracles

Chapter One

Moment of Truth        

Chapter Two

The Odd Son  

Chapter Three

A Widow’s Secret

Chapter Four

Stoning Fever               













































Twelve Bewitched Cats


India Chasing Irma


Alt. Poem with Cats 1


Alt. Poem with Cats 2