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            Gerald Lee Gibson                                               (Make your selection from the right column of Table of Contents.)                  Return to Writer's Den ~ The Old Storyteller                        

           Gerald Lee Gibson

              Table of Contents   

Historical            The Gardener’s Son

Historical          Wake Up Call

Historical          The Little Corporal

Prehistoric          The Crossing

Prehistoric        Whispers-In-The-Wind 

Religious           Creation

Religious           Come Down Zacchaeus!

Apocalyptic         The Devil’s Debut

Inspirational     Voice In The Wilderness

Inspirational     Welcome to Purgatory

Human Interest  The Gopher Mound

Human Interest  Finders Keepers

Human Interest  The Landlady

Science Fiction  The Caretakers

Science Fiction  Men From The Stars

Science Fiction   Secret Intruder

Urban Fantasy  Man Who Could See Ghosts

Urban Fantasy  The Gypsy's Curse

Thriller           The Mad Bomber