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Main Characters in Prelude to Darkness


††††††††††† The following list contains the most important characters in this volume, which includes essential characters reappearing in subsequent volumes of the Doomsday Chronicles.†††††


Satan†††††††††††††††††††(a k a ~ Dark Hermit, Devil, Enchantress, Comforter, Temptress, etc).Amorphous force of evil

who invades earth in various disguises, until settling for the shape of a woman in the form of

Marie Roget.


Abaddon†††††††††††† (a k a ~ the Serpent or Gatemaster of Hell).Looking into Satanís eyes, he sees visions of the Reverend Adam Leeds and his wife and is left in command of hell when the devil makes its debut on earth.


Adam Leeds†††††† Satanís chosen, who becomes acounterfeit Christ but is in actuality a reluctant messiah.As a

failedminister of a Christian church, he is harassed, tempted, and cajoled into becoming leader

of a new faith.


Cora Leeds†††††††† Wife of Adam Leeds, who, after being tempted and corrupted for years, acts as the catalyst to Adamís fall and then, as the blackmailing memory, in his rise as Satanís emissary on earth.


The Old ††††††††††††† The old man, who appears on the Leedsís television, spouting apocalyptic warnings,

Evangelist ††††††††† reappearing in the story as an evangelist on the street .

†††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††

Henny †††††††††††††††††Another incarnation of the devil, who arrives in the guise of a tow truck driver and mechanic,

Lumpkin †††††††††††† taunting Adam, until the young man flees into the city.


Big Molly and††   The grotesque parody of a street walker, who lures the reverend up to her apartment and gives

the ďSpecterĒ†††  him a cup of tea.In her apartment, as the amorphous specter, she tempts and blackmails him

 with images of the future and his wife with another man.


Sid Barnes †††††††† Deputy Fire Chief for LAFD, a one time member of Adam Leeds church, is the first to see a

supernatural and spiritual explanation for the fire.


Randall††††††††††††† Deputy Chief, Homicide Division of LAPD, because his wife is miraculously cured, is easily

Walker ††††††††††††††† convinced by Sidís theory about the fire.


Jake††††††††††††††††††††Homicide Sergeant, who is reluctantly drawn into the Adam Leeds case. After pulling off the

Cosgrove †††††††††††† road to investigate Salem Dade, a roadside preacher, Jake wonders if they are not the same man.


Sam Ruiz†††††††††† Jakeís partner and detective in Homicide Squad One of the LAPD, who is caught up in the

 sergeantís apparent folly, until he, too, understands the connection between the two men.


Jetta Carlson†††   Camerawoman, who, flying over the a household fire with her pilot Doug Abado, unwittingly

 tapes an apocalyptic sign of things to come.


Valentine ††††††††††† Rookie roving reporter, with his cameraman Milo Flores, are important characters in future

Getz††††††††††††††††††††† volumes, but arrive belatedly in this volume at the scene of the fire.


Dwight ††††††††††††††† Senior elder, once Adamís staunchest supporter, who with Philip Lindley, Leona Bliss,

Higgins††††††††††††††† Todd and Tina Billingsley, and Ian MacCallum join others who have seen the signs of the

   End Times.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††

Other Church††    Churchmen with shady pasts: Eugene Waterford, William Breckenridge, James Royce, and

Elders †††††††††††††††††† Patrick Smalley.


Amy Sullivan†††    Rebellious young member Adamís congregation, who breaks with the church with her best

 friend Jolene Frick to resurface as important players during the End Times. ††††


Moses Rawlins    As Adam is lured by one of the nightís demons, Moses shouts apocalyptic warnings to the

 world, appearing first as the Shepherd of Skid Row.


Mosesí †††††††††††††††Smokiní Al Breen, Skunk Larson, Little Tom, Old Judd, and Ignacio Rosales Ė street

Friends disciples of the Shepherd of Skid Row.


The Twelve Disciples


Adam Taylor†††† Onetime teacher, resembling a black actor, wearing suit the he ďdropped outĒ in.


Buff Peyton†††††† Uncouth, overweight bully, who is the first member to encounter Salem Dade.


Effie Powers††††† Shabbily dressed, witch-like crone, who was once a drug addict and prostitute.


Ursula Painter   Attractive hard-looking Afro-American and onetime drug addict and prostitute.


Royal††††††††††††††††† Affable blond, albino-like member, served several years in prison for homicide.



Troy Holland††† Quiet member with a crew cut, an ex-marine with semper fi tattooed on his arm.


Wyatt†††††††††††††††† Onetime novice priest and seminary student for the Roman Catholic Church.



Liz Moydin†††††††An ex-drug addict and typically worn out street person, with a tragic tale.


Cassie Moa†††††††Samoan girl, befriended by Liz, slightly insane, who talks in rhymes and riddles.


Gus Yorba††††††† Dwarf with a sense of humor, also apparently insane, taken care of by the others.


Heck Reyes††††† Ex-gang member and fierce-looking tattooed Hispanic with an attitude.


Johnny †††††††††††† Sinister, tall, sullen American Indian, who appears to be Heck Reyesí friend.





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