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(Author's Note)

The Nature of Satan

List of Main Characters

Prelude to Darkness


Throne of Hell

Chapter One

The Reverend’s Wife

Chapter Two

Daughter of Darkness

Chapter Three

Positive Thinking

Chapter Four

Fiasco At The County Hospital

Chapter Five

The Three Dreams

Chapter Six

Dialogue With The Devil

Chapter Seven

Spiritual Malaise

Chapter Eight

Looking Ahead

Chapter Nine

The Devil’s Detour

Chapter Ten

The Temptress

Chapter Eleven

A Voice in the Wilderness

Chapter Twelve

Scene of the Crime: The Leeds Household Fire

Chapter Thirteen

The Comforter

Chapter Fourteen

The Enchantress

Chapter Fifteen

Sign of the Fish

Chapter Sixteen

From the Shadows

Chapter Seventeen

The First Miracle

Chapter Eighteen

Moses and His Friends

Chapter Nineteen

The Second Miracle

Chapter Twenty

The Twelve Disciples

Chapter Twenty-One

Tales of the Twelve

Chapter Twenty-Two

A Distant Drumming

Chapter Twenty-Three

The Greater Picture

Chapter Twenty-Four

Through Glass Darkly

Chapter Twenty-Five

Not Far From The Kingdom

Chapter Twenty-Six



Dark Dream


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