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A Humble Beginning

Part One

Gathering Of The Twelve

Chapter One

The Favorite Son

Chapter Two

Journey To Capernaum

Chapter Three

The Wedding At Cana

Chapter Four

Jesus Ministry Begins

Chapter Five

Jerusalem: The First Visit

Chapter Six

The River Jordan

Chapter Seven

The Woman At The Well

Chapter Eight


Chapter Nine


Chapter Ten


Chapter Eleven

Return To Cana

Chapter Twelve

The Centurion’s Servant

Chapter Thirteen

Jonas, The Leper

Chapter Fourteen

Mary of Magdala

Chapter Fifteen

The Publican

Chapter Sixteen

Nain: The Raising Of Laban

Chapter Seventeen

Death Of The Baptist

Chapter Eighteen

Thomas And Simon

Chapter Nineteen


Chapter Twenty

Judas Iscariot

Part Two

Harvest Of Souls

Chapter Twenty-One

Miracle Through The Roof

Chapter Twenty-Two

The Sermon On The Mount

Chapter Twenty-Three

Feeding The Five Thousand

Chapter Twenty-Four

Commission Of The Twelve

Chapter Twenty-Five

Going Out, Two By Two

Chapter Twenty-Six

Serpent In The Garden

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Feeding The Four Thousand

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Miracle On The Lake

Chapter Twenty-Nine

The Turning Point

Chapter Thirty


Chapter Thirty-One

The Transfiguration

Chapter Thirty-Two


Chapter Thirty-Three

The House Of Lazarus

Chapter Thirty-Four


Chapter Thirty-Five

What To Do With Mary

Chapter Thirty-Six

The Raising Of Lazarus

Chapter Thirty-Seven

Sermon In Bethany

Chapter Thirty-Eight

Entrance Of The King

Chapter Thirty-Nine

Return To Bethany

Part Three

Trial, Passion, and Resurrection

Chapter Forty

The Last Supper

Chapter Forty-One

The Crucifixion

Chapter Forty-Two

Darkest Days

Chapter Forty-Three

The Resurrection

Chapter Forty-Four

Appearances Of Jesus

Chapter Forty-Five

The Holy Spirit

Chapter Forty-Six

A Division Of Labor

Chapter Forty-Seven

Capernaum: The Ecclesia

Chapter Forty-Eight

Return To Jerusalem

Chapter Forty-Nine

Solomon’s Porch

Chapter Fifty

The Sanhedrin

Chapter Fifty-One

Looking Ahead

Chapter Fifty-Two

The Callings

Chapter Fifty-Three

Apostle Of Arabia






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