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The Gentile Heart

Part One

The Road North

Chapter One

The Galilean Fort

Chapter Two

On the Trail

Chapter Three

The First Camp

Chapter Four

Romans Versus Auxilia

Chapter Five

The Imperial Way Station

Chapter Six

Around the Campfire

Chapter Seven

The Lucid Dream

Chapter Eight

The Reluctant Hero

Chapter Nine

The Falling Sickness

Chapter Ten

Stopover In Tyre

Part Two

Dangerous Passage

Chapter Eleven

Sudden Detour

Chapter Twelve

Desert Attack

Chapter Thirteen

The First Oasis

Chapter Fourteen

The Men in Black

Chapter Fifteen

The Second Oasis

Chapter Sixteen

The Men in White

Chapter Seventeen

Voice in the Desert

Chapter Eighteen

Dark Domain

Chapter Nineteen

One Last Battle

Chapter Twenty

Bandits’ Booty

Chapter Twenty-One

Journey to Ecbatana

Chapter Twenty-Two

The Bedouin Mind

Chapter Twenty-Three

The Slave Auction

Part Three

A New Beginning

Chapter Twenty-Four

A Vision of Home

Chapter Twenty-Five

Journey to Tarsus

Chapter Twenty-Six

Young Saul

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Fallen from Grace

Chapter Twenty-Eight

The Roman Escorts

Chapter Twenty-Nine

The Imperial Fort

Chapter Thirty


Chapter Thirty-One

Farewell to Antioch

Part Four

The Road Home

Chapter Thirty-Two


Chapter Thirty-Three

The Coastal Route

Chapter Thirty-Four

Return to Nazareth

Chapter Thirty-Five

Back to Normal

Chapter Thirty-Six


Chapter Thirty-Seven

Samuel’s Homecoming Feast

Chapter Thirty-Eight

The Return of Uriah

Chapter Thirty-Nine

The Bosom of Abraham

Chapter Forty

The Call

Chapter Forty-One

Another Adventure

Chapter Forty-Two

Who is Jesus?






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